Support the K9WZ Repeater

A repeater system like the K9WZ repeater takes alot of time, expertise, and money to keep running and in tip top shape. Since the repeater is heavily used, all the equipment must be able to handle the traffic load, which means commercial grade equipment. If you thought equiping your own amateur station was expensive, just think how much more expensive, it would be to do at this scale. Just the main transmiter antenna was over $500, Ouch! Besides the original equipment purchase, there is maintenance, upkeep, and utility costs. In addition, mother nature loves to play with repeaters, and the other various subsystems that make it work. Her occasional "Lightning gram" can wreck havic on even this heavily protected equipment. In summary, it takes a lot of $$$ and effort to keep the K9WZ Repeater going for all to enjoy, so if you are one of the amateurs that use and enjoy the system Please support it.

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