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Running a repeater system as wide ranging, and complex as the K9WZ repeater is takes time, and expertise. While Wayne is well versed in putting together the technical radio side of the system, occasionally he needs some assistance. Sometimes it is just an amateur willing to provide some input for an audio, or signal tests while he tweaks the system. Other times it may be a helping hand to do some grunt work, or climb a tower. Whatever the need it's nice to have the help. If you have some special skills, talent, or just want to help don't be shy about it. Speak up and let Wayne, know about your willingness to contribute. He might not have an immediate need for your services, but it is nice to have the offer, and you never know when your special input may be needed in the future


Although repeater equipment is rather specialized, occasionally regular amateur pieces or parts are required to do the trick to complete some project. Since adding the IRLP, we have added computers and networking to the mix of repeater parts needed to keep the system going. There are regular type hardware items to facilate the installation of radio's and other things.

So if you happen to have equipment you don't need, that you think may help, let Wayne know. Occasionally there are things just being tossed out at your work, or other places, that may be just the thing to do a job with the repeater. If you find out about them, and have an opportunity to to obtain them, contact Wayne, so he can tell you, whether he has a way to put the things to good use in the repeater system. Of course, not all items may fit the particular needs with the repeater, but you never know, unless you offer them.

Occasionally there are items that are wanted to fill a particular need, or go toward a future project, or contribute to a feature to be added, expanded, or maintained on the K9WZ repeater system. Those items will be listed here

Needed Items

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