There is always a need for Money!

The K9WZ repeater is a large amateur repeater system compared to most. It has multiple receive sites that must be equipped, and linked to the main site. It has the IRLP equipment that is part of the complex mix of pieces and parts that make the whole thing work. There are utility and Internet fees to be paid, and a host of other things that demand money.

Of course the regular upkeep costs of maintaining the K9WZ repeater doesn't tell the whole story, as new features that would be nice to make the system more reliable, provide a greater, and more dependable coverage range, or be down right fun, also require money.

So as you can imagine there is a never ending need for that important support dollars! But what if your budget can't support your desire to help, by becoming a member, and you have no skills, or desire to climb a tower. The K9WZ repeater still has a way for you to contribute.

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