There is a program called Pennies for Heaven sponsored by area churches, which is a way to turn those tossed away pennies into contributions to meet the needs of charity. Now we would never want to jump into the way of their good, and worthwhile cause. So we instead have come up with our own non - competing program called Quarter's for Repeater's! It takes those pesky quarters, that load down your pockets, and contribute little to the cost of just about anything, and gives them a worthwhile mission or cause. And just to show you how big and compassionate we are, we have a companion program called Pocket Change for Repeater's as well. Don't want to leave out the rest of the coins! So lighten your load, simplify your life, and support a cause you can actually benefit from. Just don't send Pennies, as those are needed elsewhere. Any Pennies accidentally received will be sent on their way toward heaven, as it should be!

All Quarters for Repeaters, or Pocket Change for Repeaters

can be hand delivered to Wayne, or to David N9GVU or sent to this address, properly packaged of course.

All contributions are greatly appreciated!

Have questions, email us here ...