K9WZ Repeater System

The repeater system consists of a main transmit site, with remote receive sites linked to it. The main transmit, and central receiver site is located just south of U.S. 6 and 31 on a 370 foot commercial tower. This is just north of the town of Plymouth, IN. It transmits / receives on the coordinated frequencies of 147.285 / 147.885 mhz. The repeater is protected with full time P.L., so your radio will require a sub- audio tone of 131.8 for access. The transmit power is 110 watts, with an effective radiated power of 225 watts. It is computer controlled by a ACC RC 850 controller with a DIGITAL VOICE RECORDER OPTION.

Through the utilization of these items, along with others, the K9WZ  repeater is able to offer to the supporting member, many features ...

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