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DVR The Digital Voice Recorder, or DVR is one of the most useful features of the repeater. It acts somewhat like a tape recorder, in that it records your voice over the air, and then plays it back just the way you said it, mistakes, and all. The DVR has many parts, or functions that make it a very useful tool.

The Public mail box is a voice mail box, where you can leave a message for any , or all members of the repeater. You are prompted for - Who is the message for? - and, then - Record it now -. The DVR then periodically announces at the end of tail messages, that - There are messages for -, and then plays back the first recorded response. Often times there will be messages waiting for more then one member, and each is announced in order. Since these Public mail messages are announced at regular intervals, the member your message is for, has a good chance to hear about it, even if they are just monitoring the repeater. This is the most effective way to grab someone's attention. The nice feature is that you don't have to hang around waiting for them to show. It effectively ends the amateur version of "telephone tag".

The Private mail box isn't really private, as everyone listening will either hear you putting the message in, or the member taking it out. In this case Private means, that the message is placed in the members personal mail box. This message is not announced, as in the Public message section. The member has to check his particular box number in order to know if someone has left him a message. This feature is used if the message is not urgent, or no quick reply is needed. Often times this feature is used to just say hello, or let them know, they have been thought of.

Another feature of the DVR, is that it allows for human voice identification of the repeater. This replaces the traditional CW identifications. This feature allows announcements of amateur events to be made, or just some comment to brighten your day, along with the voice id - This is the K9WZ  REPEATER, etc. Since we are not limited to canned messages, we can make our announcements fit the event, and give all the details. This is often used to announce special events that will be upcoming on the repeater, local hamfests, meetings, breakfast gatherings, helpful tips, and other useful amateur related happenings. Just by monitoring the repeater you will be able to keep up with what's going on in the area. While this particular feature can only be accessed by a Control Operator, they are always looking for volunteer voices, and/or announcements.

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